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The company on the basis of "consumer rights and interests of the People's Republic of China protects A law" and "product quality law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant laws and regulations of Commodity Exchange and the warranty of the goods they sell specific provisions are as follows:
A, in Long Huang companies to buy goods customers, in order to guarantee your interests, please when you receive the goods in the inspection on the spot, if it is found that the goods damaged during transit, you have the right to make delivery staff to take back the goods delivery or ask to see the post office to prove, put in A claim to the post office.
B, we only provide free door-to-door return at a time.Please after looking at all the goods in the effective time to contact us again, and please ready the product as well as the invoice for inspection.
C, if due to clients (such as order before did not see content abstract, not quality problem such as repeat order) produced by return, please customer after contact the customer service center to back to the company.Requirements:
(1) conform to the stipulations of the return time: within 1 week before the goods receipt date (in).
(2) packing, the goods itself is in good condition;
(3) would you please bring the original invoice, if have invoice please return together;

D, as in the product quality problems found, after receipt of the goods can be received goods within 5 days, call contact to return.Returned goods, and within the outer packing, please will product with attachments, such as sales receipts with products returned, we will within 2 working days after receiving your goods to give you a replacement or a refund.Customer received the goods 7 days later, as a result of quality problem, please customers choose the manufacturer maintenance services;Factory has special provisions of regulations of goods according to the manufacturer.
E, would you like to return the goods must be the original packaging, accessories and instruction manual, warranty card is complete;You should also have effectively prove the goods is in my purchase documents.
F, the company shall have the right to refuse to belong to the following customer return requirements:

(1) delivery customers due to an error distribution are not found in return.Please, when you receive the goods in according to the delivery note carefully check the acceptance of goods, goods shortage, missing, smudgy, damaged, acceptance, points out that on the spot, please free to distribution, later will not be accepted.
(2) the relevant requirements over return period.Return within 1 week, exchange goods within a month (customer receipt date).
(3) the return of goods is not complete or appearance.
(4) customer invoices or invoices missing or incomplete.
(5) due to clients (such as order before did not see content abstract, repeat orders, etc.) produced by return.
(6) customers require the goods to change into other products.
(7) in front of the customer did not contact the customer service center in advance.

G, if quality problems occur, we will be in line with the friendly negotiation between the two sides, for your return, maintenance, and solve the resulting other problems;If any of the two parties fail to talk things over solve, can be passed on to the state administration of quality supervision committee arbitration institution or association of consumers' rights and interests protection solution.