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About Us
Shanghai Long Huang special bearing co., LTD. Is a company committed to global customers with high quality bearings and accessories company, and provide corresponding technical support to partners and quality assurance.10 years to my company with authentic quality, adequate supply, excellent service and fast delivery, preferential prices to meet customer requirements and get long-term development.We have been adhering to the "customer first Quality for this "the management idea, for you to realize the maximization of the use value of industrial consumable, wearing parts, save operating cost for your company, our partners realize industrial products purchasing" green channel ".Company based on the Yangtze river delta region, in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai free trade zone is equipped with large modern warehousing logistics center, the bonded area with large warehouse and a variety of brands and models of inventory, and has the advanced ERP, CRM, dealer for < management system.Provide more considerate service to parts of the world.